Thank you to all the fantastic people below who posed for photos…most are there now I have just one more lot to collect from a fellow photographer so if your pictures not there yet it will be soon. We are sluts is also going to have itself a facebook page so that you can tag away and share should you want to. Am getting that sorted asap. Enjoy your pictures…



In a brief break from photo editing I was having a look through the coverage of the London Slutwalk online and I found a couple of familiar images..

Read the full article at the BBC website here, and the Independent as well..

Hopefully that’ll help get peoples attention, because they need to sit up and take notice!



So many people out on the streets of London today making their voices heard, it was brilliant to see. Thank you to everyone who had their picture taken, I’ll have them up here in the next day or so, you are all AMAZING!

And thank you to the fabulous Z and C for all your help…

This mask make everyone a slut, make yours and wear it with pride. Wear it, take a picture, make it your facebook picture, tweet it, protest in it, send it here and I will post it. Slut or not we all have the same rights, what someone wears is never an excuse to rape them. There is no excuse for rape.

Preparations for tomorrows Slutwalk London ….

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The march of sluts… because sluts are people too.